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Elektra have a busy diary with tours and performances booked unitl the end of 2017. We have recently expanded our team with violinists Kathryn Coleman, Teodora Ilieva, Sally Potterton and Emma Fry joining us. If you would like to book Elektra, but can see we are elsewhere, our show can now be in three different parts of the world at once so do enquire!

2017 DATES

Jan 7th - Jan 13th Headline artistsBermuda
Jan 18th - Jan 29thHeadline artists on OceanaBarbados
Jan 28th - Feb 6th Headline artists
USA tour
Feb 10th - Feb 18th Headline artists Antigua
March 11th - March 17thHeadline artistsMadeira
March 21st - March 27thHeadline artists Tenerife
April 1st - April 7thHeadline artists Hong Kong, Singapore
May 27th - June 2ndSpecial guestsCadiz, Spain
June 3rdSpecial guests Mike Smith Big Band, Chippenham
June 12th - June 17thHeadline artists Queen Victoria
June 29th - July 5thSpecial guests Valetta, Malta
July 1st - July 5thHeadline artistsQueen Elizabeth
July 6th - July 13th Headline artists Queen Mary 2
July 8th - July 14thHeadline artists Trondheim
Sept 14th - Sept 22ndHeadline artists Queen Elizabeth
Oct 11th - Oct 17thHeadline artists ArcadiaSpain
Nov 5th - Nov 12thSpecial guestsNew York, USA
Nov 13th - Nov 20thSpecial guestsTenerife
Nov 22nd - Nov 28thHeadline artistsQueen Victoria
Dec 8th - Dec 13thHeadline artistsCopenhagen

2016 DATES

Jan 24th - 30thHeadline ArtistsBarbados
Jan 6th – 10thHeadline ArtistsAthens
Feb 12th - 23rd Headline ArtistsFremantle & Adelaide Australia
March 12th - 17thHeadline ArtistsBrazil
March 21st - 27thHeadline ArtistsTenereife
May 4th - 9th Headline ArtistsQueen Mary 2
May 22th - 29thHeadline ArtistsQueen Victoria
May 30th - June 5th Headline ArtistsLisbon
June 15th - 19th Headline ArtistsQueen Elizabeth
July 6th - 13thHeadline ArtistsAthens
July 20 - 24th Headline ArtistsCorfu
August 10th - 18th Headline ArtistsQueen Elizabeth
August 22nd 29thHeadline ArtistsSeabourn Sojourn
August 23rd and 24thHeadline showMerchants Hall,
Edinburgh Festival
September 3rd - 10th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria
September 16th - 21st Headline ArtistsQueen Elizabeth
September 28th - 30th Headline ArtistsOceana
October 13th Guest Artists for London Press Club BallV&A London
October 22nd Concert Great Rissington, Gloucestershire
October 24th Headline ArtistsSanta Cruz
Novemebr 5th - 12th Headline ArtistsTenereife
December 4th-11thHeadline ArtistsQueen Elizabeth
December 11th - 18thHeadline ArtistsSeabourn Sojourn
December 11th - 16th Headline ArtistsAurora

2015 DATES

Jan 3rd - 8thHeadline ArtistsLanzarote
Jan 10th – 18thHeadline ArtistsNew York
Jan 25th - 30thHeadline ArtistsUraguay, Chile
Feb 12th - 21stHeadline ArtistsApia, Sydney
March 3rd - 10thHeadline ArtistsDarwin, Brisbane
April 24thSupportingRoyal Hippodrome, Eastbourne
May 3rd - 10thHeadline ArtistsQueen Victoria
May 21st - June 14thHeadline ArtistsEuropean tour
June 19thHeadline ArtistsChidingstone Castle
June 23rd - 30th Headline ArtistsPiraeous, Greece
July 1st - 8thHeadline ArtistsP&O Oceana
July 22nd - 29thHeadline ArtistsTromso, Norway
August 4th - 11thHeadline ArtistsNew York
August 12th - 19thHeadline ArtistsCunard
August 18th - 26thHeadline ArtistsNew York
Aug 19th - 27thHeadline ArtistsQueen Mary 2
Sept 19th - 26th Headline ArtistsVenice
Oct 14th - 21stHeadline ArtistsQueen Elizabeth
Nov 8th - 13th Headline ArtistsMalaga

2014 DATES

June 24th - July 1st Headline artistsQueen Mary 2
June 26thSpecial guests
July 20th - 27th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria
July 30th - Aug 8th Headline ArtistsVenice, Dubrovnik
Aug 28th - 31st Headline ArtistsQueen Mary 2
Sept 19th – 26th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria
Oct 8th - 16th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria
Nov 1st - 6th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria
Nov 8th Covent Garden Anniversary concert. St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.LondonSt Paul’s Church
Nov 28th Special GuestsGreat Rissington Church, Great Rissington, GL542LP
Dec 7th - 12th Headline ArtistsQueen Victoria


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